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Chalkboard is a publication of Rosenstein, Fist & Ringold designed to inform public school administrators and school board members of important and timely developments in Oklahoma school law. 
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Chalkboard 2017

Chalkboard 2017 Issue 8 (Download PDF)

November 2017
By: John E. Priddy, Cheryl A. Dixon, and Adam S. Breipohl

  • Sexual Harassment – Guidance from the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights;
  • Corporal Punishment of Students with Disabilities;
  • Fair Use and Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials for Classroom Use

Chalkboard 2017 Issue 7 (Download PDF)

October 2017
By: Staci L. Roberds, Cheryl A. Dixon, and Adam S. Breipohl

  • Due Process Protections for Support Employees;
  • Copyright Law and Recordings of Student Performances;
  • Important Reminders for Long-Term Suspensions of Special Education Students

Chalkboard 2017 Issue 6 (Download PDF)

September 2017
By: Adam S. Breipohl and N. Roxane Mock

  • Copyright Issues for School Districts: Exhibiting Copyrighted Works at School;
  • New Version of Form I-9;
  • Haley A. Drusen joins RFR as Associate Attorney;
  • RFR’s New Redesigned Website is Now Live—

Chalkboard 2017 Issue 5 (Download PDF)

August 2017
By: N. Roxane Mock, Cheryl A. Dixon, and Staci L. Roberds

  • Oklahoma’s Patriotic Access to Students in Schools Act and the Parents’ Bill of Rights;
  • Corporal Punishment of Students with Disabilities;
  • Reminder Regarding Changes to the Definition of Career Teacher;
  • RFR Fall School Law Seminar and Golf Tournament.

Chalkboard 2017 Issue 4 (Download PDF)

April 2017

  • Update on Board Resolutions Regarding State Ballot Measures;
  • Verifying Employee Federal Employment Authorization Status;
  • OSDE Issues Guidance on 4-Day School Week and Special Education Services;
  • Temporary Teacher Contracts

Chalkboard 2017 Issue 3 (Download PDF)

March 2017

  • The Supreme Court’s Ruling on What Constitutes A Free Appropriate Public Education for Special Education Students;
  • Funding of School Improvements by Municipalities;
  • Obligations of School District Employees for Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect;
  • Implementing the Professional Learning Focus Component of the TLE 

Chalkboard 2017 Issue 2 (Download PDF)

February 2017

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration Issues New Rule Limiting Post-Incident Drug Testing;
  • Agenda Items for Rehiring Employees;
  • The Importance of Employee Job Descriptions When Defending Discrimination Claims.

Chalkboard 2017 Issue 1 (Download PDF)

January 2017

  • Emerging and Important Issues in Special Education;
  • Best Practices for School Districts Regarding Public Participation at Board Meetings;
  • Required Changes to Child Nutrition Procedures;
  • 2017 Oklahoma Legislative Session News.

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