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Chalkboard is a publication of Rosenstein, Fist & Ringold designed to inform public school administrators and school board members of important and timely developments in Oklahoma school law. 
Chalkboard is sent without charge to all education clients of Rosenstein, Fist & Ringold and to other persons who are interested in education law issues. We invite you to share Chalkboard with your friends and colleagues. We believe you will find Chalkboard to be informative and helpful with the difficult task of operating our educational institutions.  
Although Chalkboard is designed to provide current and accurate information regarding current education law issues, Chalkboard is not intended to provide legal or other professional advise to its readers. If legal advice or assistance is required, the services of a competent attorney familiar with education law issues should be sought. 
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Chalkboard 2016

Chalkboard 2016 Issue 8 (Download PDF)
November 2016

  • Recent Amendments to Oklahoma Statute Addressing Sports-Related Head Injuries;
  • Federal Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Barring Enforcement of New Overtime Rules;
  • ESSA and the Educational Stability of Foster Children.

Chalkboard 2016 Issue 7 (Download PDF)
October 2016

  • School Finance - A Short Reminder;
  • Addressing Parental Refusal to Participate in Meetings;
  • School District Hearings and the Fifth Amendment Right against Self-Incrimination;
  • RFR Legislative Updates.

Chalkboard 2016 Issue 6 (Download PDF)
September 2016

  • Advocacy and Distribution of Information Regarding State Ballot Measures;
  • School Districts Must Obtain Written Parental Consent Before Making Biometric Scans of Minors;
  • Restrictions on School Districts Regarding Contracts for Consulting Services;
  • RFR Hires N. Roxane Gebhart;
  • Upcoming RFR Seminars.

Chalkboard 2016 Issue 5 (Download PDF)
August 2016

  • FCC Issues Ruling Regarding the Use of Robocalls and Automated Text Messages by School Districts;
  • FCC Regulations Regarding E-Rate Eligibility and Access to Social Media;
  • OCR Issues Dear Colleague Letter Regarding Section 504 and Students with ADHD;
  • Legislative & Policy Follow Up;
  • 2016 Fall Education Conference, Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at Tulsa Technology Center’s Riverside Campus (9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.);
  • 21st Annual Golf Tournament and Fall School Law Update, Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at Bailey Golf Ranch in Owasso, Oklahoma.

Chalkboard 2016 Issue 4 (Download PDF)
May 2016

  • Field Trips and Special Needs Students
  • Suggestions for School Districts Conducting Student Interviews for Disciplinary Reasons
  • School Districts and the Medicare Data Match Questionnaire

Chalkboard 2016 Issue 3 (Download PDF)
April 2016

  • The Uninterrupted Scholars Act and DHS Access to Education Records
  • Annexation by Board Resolution
  • One More Consideration After Finding A Student Ineligible For An IEP
  • Best Lawyers® Releases Its Award Listing for 2016

Chalkboard 2016 Issue 2 (Download PDF)
March 2016

  • The Proper Role of School Resource Officers
  • Assisting Parents and Students in Setting Realistic Transition Goals
  • Proposed Rule Change For Mandatory Annexation

Chalkboard 2016 Issue 1 (Download PDF)
January 2016

  • An Overview of the Types of School District Annexation
  • The Every Student Succeeds Act Promises Significant Changes to the Federal Role in Education
  • What Constitutes A Change of Placement
  • Value Added Services - RFR Client Legislative Update Service

Chalkboard 2015

Chalkboard 2015 Issue 6 (Download PDF)
December 2015

  • Common Pitfalls School Districts Face When Implementing a Reduction-in-Force;
  • Correcting Payroll Errors Without a Friendly Suit;
  • Reminder to Consider Student Absences For Health Issues;
  • Official 2016 Oklahoma Holidays.

Chalkboard 2015 Issue 5 (Download PDF)
October 2015

  • Important Reminders for Long-Term Suspensions of Special Education Students
  • OSHA’s Hazard Communication Program—What School Districts Need to Know
  • Teacher Use of Crowdfunding Websites
  • Meet RFR’s Adam S. Breipohl

Chalkboard 2015 Issue 4 (Download PDF)
August 2015

  • School Districts Must Have Consent Before Making Informational Autocalls to a Cell Phone
  • Is Your District Adequately Reporting Progress on Students’ IEP Goals?
  • Best Practices When Using Criminal Records in Employment Decisions

Chalkboard 2015 Issue 3 (Download PDF)
June 2015

  • Best Practices for School Districts Regarding Student Data;
  • Avoid Boilerplate Transition Services in IEPs;
  • Annual Policy Advisory;
  • Remember to Update Email Listing

Chalkboard 2015 Issue 2 (Download PDF)
February 2015

  • Guidelines for Bible Distribution in Oklahoma Schools;
  • Student 504 Plan Eligibility After Ineligibility for Special Education Under IDEA;
  • Save The Date - RFR Spring Education Seminar

Chalkboard 2015 Issue 1 (Download PDF)
January 2015

  • Affordable Care Act—Are You Ready For 2015
  • Volunteer Exemption under the Fair Labor  Standards Act
  • More Guidance To School Districts Regarding Disability Based Bullying
  • New Rules Jeopardize Funding of Internet Services

Chalkboard 2014

Chalkboard 2014 Issue 7 (Download PDF)
November 2014

  • How Serious is "Serious?"
  • Exempt/Nonexempt Status and Overtime
  • Students Can Be Personally Sued for Injuries in Accidents Involving Driver's Education Vehicles

Chalkboard 2014 Issue 6 (Download PDF)
September 2014

  • Important Amendments to the Oklahoma Employment Security Act
  • Automatic Renewal Provisions in Contracts
  • OSER’s Clarification on Secondary Transition
  • 2014 Fall School Law Update and Golf Tournament  

Chalkboard 2014 Issue 5 (Download PDF)
August 2014

  • Recent Constitutional Law Decisions Have Important Implications for Education
  • A Civil Remedy for Violations of the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act
  • Related Service Providers and Attendance at IEP Meetings
  • 2014 RFR Fall School Law Update and Golf Tournament

Chalkboard 2014 Issue 3 (Download PDF)
May 2014

  • Addressing Parental Refusal to Participate in IEP Meetings
  • Employee Speech and First Amendment Protection
  • Indemnification Clauses

Chalkboard 2014 Issue 2 (Download PDF)
April 2014

  • Confidentiality of School District Personnel Records
  • Authority to Sign Contract For School District
  • OCR Clarifies Position on Students with Disabilities in Extracurricular Athletics
  • Payment for Internet Access From Oklahoma's Universal Service Fund
  • Matthew P. Cyran Returns to RFR

Chalkboard 2014 Issue 1 (Download PDF)
February 2014

  • The Suspens(ion) is Killing Me . . . and What is Immorality Anyway?
  • Are Student Absences For Health Issues Getting the Consideration They Demand?
  • Lease-Purchase Agreements
  • Spring School Law Seminars

Chalkboard 2013

Chalkboard 2013 Issue 3 (Download PDF)
December 2013

  • Sexual Harassment Under Title IX - What School Districts Need to Know
  • Best Lawyers 2014 listing for Rosenstein, Fist & Ringold 

Chalkboard 2013 Issue 2 (Download PDF)
September 2013

  • Teacher Who Resigned Rather Than Exercise His Right to a Pre-Termination Due Process Hearing Entitled to Unemployment Benefits
  • Tenth Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment in Lawsuit Brought Against the Deer Creek School District

Chalkboard 2013 Issue 1 (Download PDF)
July 2013

  •  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:  Coverage Considerations for School Districts
  • 2013 Policies Available

Chalkboard 2012

Chalkboard 2012 Issue 4 (Download PDF)
January 2013

  • Open Carry Law and School District Sites
  • All Members of the Board of Education Have The Authority to Consult with the School District's Legal Counsel
  • 2013 Official State of Oklahoma Holidays

Chalkboard 2012 Issue 3 (Download PDF)
November 2012

  • Free Speech in Schools: How Classroom Assignments Implicate the First Amendment
  • January 1, 2013 Deadline for Shifting to Narrowband Braodcasts over VHF/UHF Radio Channels is Fast Approaching
  • RFR News:  Kelsey K. Bardwell joins RFR as Associate Attorney

Chalkboard 2012 Issue 2 (Download PDF)
July 2012

  • Rolling, Walking Board Meetings: Practice Leads to Unenforceable Actions, Potential Criminal Consequences

Chalkboard 2012 Issue 1 (Download PDF)

  • U.S. Department of Education Makes Minor but Significant Changes to FERPA
  • RFR's Roxane Gebhart Honored

Chalkboard 2011

Chalkboard 2011 Issue 4 (Download PDF)

  • Expunging Criminal Records: How Complimentary Laws Cause Confusion and Concealed Dangers for Employers
  • Official 2012 State of Oklahoma Holidays
  • Announcing RFR's The Compendium

Chalkboard 2011 Issue 3 (Download PDF)

  1.  New Dismissal and Nonreemployment Procedures and Repeal of Trial De Novo for Career Teachers
  2. Tenth Circuit Affirms three Decisions in Favor of the Prue School District

Chalkboard 2011 Issue 2 (Download PDF)

  1. The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals Clairifies the Law Regarding Temporary Teacher Contracts
  2. Supreme Court Addresses Miranda Rights of Students Questioned at School by Police

Chalkboard 2011 Issue 1 (Download PDF)

  1. New Oklahoma Guidelines Governing Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion for Students with Disabilities

Chalkboard 2010

Issue 3 (Download PDF)

  1. Announcing the Creation of EDOklahoma - A National Voice for Oklahoma's Schools
  2. Oklahoma's 2-1-1 Call Center

Issue 2 (Download PDF)

  1. New Guidance on Performance Based Contracts
  2. School districts Prevail in Challenges under Senate Bill 2XX
  3. Bulletin:  Tenth Circuit Rules on Oklahoma Immigration Law

Issue 1 (Download PDF)

  1. Disclosure of Employee's Birth Date
  2. RFR New Hires - Samanthia S. Marshall and Staci L. Roberds

Chalkboard 2009

Issue 3

  1. Amendments to the Family Medical Leave Act
  2. Bulletin:  Policy Updates

Issue 2 (Download PDF)

  1. Overview of Opportunities of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
  2. Policy Alert:  Changes in Employee Background Check Requirements
  3. Bulletin:  Identity Theft Red Flag Rules go into Effect on May 1, 2009

Issue 1 (Download PDF)

  1. The New COBRA Subsidy Provisions

Chalkboard 2008

Issue 4 (Download PDF)

  1. Understanding The New Parent Revocation of Consent Regulations Under The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act

Issue 3 (Download PDF)
By: Bo Rainey

  1. Student Expression:  Protected Speech and True Threats
  2. Failure to Specify Subject Matter of Agenda Item Held to be Willful Violation of Open Meeting Act

Issue 2 (Download PDF)

  1. How the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 Affects Student Eligibility for Section 504 Accommodation Plans

Issue 1 (Download PDF)

  1. 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuities Regulations
  2. California Home Schooling Decision Unlikely to Affect Oklahoma

Chalkboard 2007

Issue 4 (Download PDF)

  1. Educating the Undocumented Immigrant - Part Two
  2. Effectively Investigating and Remedying Racially Harassing Conduct

Issue 3 (Download PDF)

  1. Legislative Update:  Vision Screening and Diabetes Management
  2. Education and the Illegal Immigrant, Part One

Issue 3 Insert (Download PDF)

  1. School Law Bills - 51st Okla. Legislature, 1st Regular Session

Issue 2 (Download PDF)

  1. Providing Parents of IEP Students with Copies of Test Protocols Found Not to Infringe Copyright
  2. Recent Developments:  Oklahoma Education Association, et al., v. State of Okla. No. 103,702 (May 8, 2007)

Issue 1 (Download PDF)

  1. "House Calls" at School?
  2. Releasing Employee Information to Third Parties
  3. Educational Wireless Broadband Leases

Chalkboard 2006

Issue 1 (Download PDF)

  1. Selecting an Insurance Company
  2. The Evolving Debate on Evolution in Public Schools
  3. The Perils and Pitfalls of Equipment Leasing Agreements
  4. RFR Alert:  Public Trust Conduit Financing and General Obligation Bonds Might Violate Oklahoma Law
  5. The Oklahoma Open Meeting Act

Chalkboard 2005

Issue 2

  1. School Board Invocations
  2. Standard Mileage Increase
  3. Is a Policy Necessary - The Requirements of Title 7
  4. CPR Training Act (SB 618
  5. The Lighter Side - A Look at Education Then and Now
  6. Oklahoma Open Meeting Act

Issue 1

  1. Moral Turpitude:  A Slam Dunk?
  2. The Oklahoma Open Meeting Act (25 Okla. Stat. § 301 et. Seq.)
  3. Case Summary:  Least Restrictive Environment
  4. Public Comment at School Board Meetings
  5. September 7 - Constitution Day
  6. Use of Employee Social Security Numbers

Chalkboard 2004

Issue 1

  1. About Rosenstein, Fist & Ringold
  2. Congratulations! You Have Been Sued
  3. New DOL Rules
  4. 2004 Legislation Requiring New or Revised Policies
  5. Local Support Foundation
  6. AG Opinion - Revenue from Vending Contracts
  7. School Finance Reforms
  8. Mandatory Prison Purchase

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